There are several giving, wonderful and dedicated people now helping to keep this tribute alive & raising awareness and funds for the Hurricane Katrina survivors/victims who need it most. I want to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to those people and organizations.

First and foremost to Debra Stone for her support.

Coldplay for their poignant and meaningful song, EMI, Dave Holmes and Christina Dunkley for all their help in allowing this video memorial to help so many.

Stan Maher, CFRE Executive Director &
Duc Nguyen (Webmaster)
EJGH Foundation
East Jefferson General Hospital
Please visit their site and make a donation. They are one of the only two hospitals that stayed open to the public after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and still need your help.

A big thank you to Samuel James Mehorter, Payson Welch &
The University of Maine at Orono New Media Dept.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Steve Kanstoroom for informing, educating and helping the survivors/victims on how to get the correct information they need when dealing with F.E.M.A., Insurance Carriers and the Federal Government in times of crisis through www.FEMAinfo.US

I'd also like to personally thank Tom Ashworth for his
excellence work at the Cajun Dome.
The Louisiana Technical College, Lafayette,
Nabakrishna Das, Roy B. Bertucci, Pernell Livingston, Joseph A. Pitre & Jacqueline Jones for their commitment higher education and support and the southern hospitality shown to me on my trips to the Gulf Coast.

A huge thank you to ATT Wireless.
Not for anything they gave me but for keeping what I pay for working great
Visit ATT Wireless website for all their newest product line.


A big thank you to JVC and all the people in their support department. Special thanks to James L. Schiltz, the Factory Service Coordinator in Lawrenceville, GA for his expertise and help on my JVC products. JVC is a great company.
Visit JVC's website for all their newest product line.

Special thanks to the folks at Netgear & Satja (SP) for their help in keeping us connected to the world.
Visit Netgear website for all their newest product line.

To my shepherd and a blessing in my life, Shepton Hunter who is truly one of a kind.
Thank you again for helping me on many fronts so I can continue to help others. THANK YOU!!

A heartfelt thank you to Gary Haynes, Michael Harson & Barna Haynes
in Lafayette for keeping me on the road.

God bless you all
One (1) Love, Gary

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