Here are some important links to various individuals and organizations that have important information on helping victims of Katrina & Rita and in rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

East Jefferson General Hospital One of only two hospitals opened to the public after Hurricane Katrina
Bridgehouse Established in 1957, Bridgehouse is a recovery organization that helps thousands
Samaritan's Purse A world organization helping the world's poor, sick, and suffering

Democracy Values

Building an alliance with Gulf Coast states to rebuild the Gulf Coast.
World Vision
Hurricane Katrina Response
Donate Your RV or Camper to a family in need
FEMA Information FEMAINFO.US is an informational site run by the victims, for the victims, of catastrophes. It is not affiliated in any way with any government agency. This site is intended to help victims receive the compensation they are entitled to and justice in the event they are mistreated.
Cure CURE is a non-profit foundation designed to facilitate and fund community based education initiatives as well as provide oversight to the curriculums and methodologies to be implemented.

Although I have never received any assistance from anyone over the last 6 months, there are a few companies that I want to acknowledge. I pay them a monthly fee but they have at least made sure that what I pay for works and for that, I am grateful.

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