This memorial video tribute is a flash presentation. It uses the music of Coldplay and 124 images captured by several great photographers from AP, Getty,, The Times Picayune and other various independents that were taken within the first 48 hours of Katrina.
     Originally, I had gathered over 600 images in the first couple days after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Most of those images were coming out of Louisiana and New Orleans in particularly. My video is not about New Orleans but about all the people and loss suffered throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana from the aftermath of Katrina. The over seven million dollars raised to the national and local charities listed on this site has been for all the people, states and communities that Hurricane Katrina devastated. I have personally gone into debt and have not received anything from this other than the fact that I know it has helped many people and has kept the message that much work still needs to be done in the rebuilding of lives and communities in the Gulf Coast alive.
    The video spans over 3500 frames. Many have asked why some of the images move so fast and can they be stopped or slowed down. The answer is no. The reason being is because number one, this is not a power point presentation and two, this video was never intended to be watched or listened to. It was created to be felt by ones heart.
     Once I narrowed down the images to 124, I synced each one to compliment the words and music provided by Coldplay’s perfect song, “Fix You”. Coldplay and the photographers from AP, Getty,, The Times Picayune and other various independents are the true heroes and responsible for what this tribute has produced. I merely took the pieces of the puzzles, in this case the music and photos and put them together in a way that has seemed to touch human heart strings. I am so very grateful to Coldplay and the incredible photographers where in a small way, I have been able to assist many people in rebuilding and moving on with their lives in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
     As I am reminded on a daily basis, we live in a vulnerable world and something like this can happen to any of us no matter where we live anytime. Just look at some of the things that have happened in the last 14 months. The Tsunami in Indonesia, the Pakistan earthquake in October and just last week the landslide in the Philippines are just a few. The planet is speaking to us. Without getting on a soapbox, we all need to start loving, respecting and listening to each other a lot more. I hope this video has served as a reminder to people that giving is more powerful than taking. I thank each and every one of you for all you have given to me in your emails and kind words. They have meant so much to me..;-)

One (1) Love, Gary

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